Collection: Spurk Golf Mat

The only lightweight golf mat that doesn’t move when hit, and the only golf mat you’ll ever need for play without compromise. Spurk Golf mats solve the age-old issue of essential golf mat use by clubs to protect the fairway from irreparable damage in winter. Traditional golf mats are disliked by members and visiting players because they disrupt their strike and interfere with the game.

The Spurk Golf mat is different, with a unique patented design providing a firm and stable base from which to strike, and six spikes that easily lock into the ground and stay put when hit. The mat protects the fairway and the spikes provide course aeration while allowing you a true strike every time.

The closest thing to playing off grass.
Solid, stable locked base.
Provides fairway protection and course aeration.
Lightweight, portable and designed for the golf course, while also perfect for garden practice.
100% UK design and manufacture.
Measures 310mm x 110mm
Loved by players and greenkeepers alike, the revolutionary Spurk golf practice mat lets you strike with confidence and without compromise.